Hand-tracking now activates automatically on Oculus Quest when you aren’t using the Touch controllers.

The feature is the biggest change in the new v13 software update to Quest headsets, which is rolling out over the week. Facebook added experimental controller-free hand tracking for Quest in December. It enables you use your hands in the open air to interact with VR content rather than through Touch controllers. This is done through advanced computer vision algorithms powered by machine learning.

But until now, the feature had to be activated manually from the main menu each time, at which point you’d place down your Touch controllers and see your hands. To re-enable Touch controllers, you had to either disable the feature or reboot the headset.

The v13 update introduces an option to have hand-tracking enabled automatically whenever you place down your Touch controllers, and disable automatically when you pick them back up again. This significantly reduces the friction of using the experimental feature, and means that when you put on your Quest to quickly view or try something out you’ll instantly see your hands.

The option is enabled by default if you’ve enabled hand-tracking. We’re not quite sure why you’d want to turn it off, but you can find it in the “Experimental” tab of the Settings if you do.